St Erth Gardens, Blackwood, Victoria – August 2012

Whilst out and about in the Blackwood area we came across the St Erth Gardens, one of the ‘Diggers Club’ gardens for those who enjoy all things green! My wife has been a member of the Diggers Club for a few years, but never been to the gardens so what better time to have a look around šŸ™‚

This photo is the main lawn leading up from the residence (shop area), to the rest of the gardens towards the rear of the property.

St Erth Gardens – Blackwood
Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3 – Panorama mode

I decided to have a bit of fun with this shot, my little helper was more than willing to assist me in buzzing around the garden whilst I moved the phone to each location to take the photo. The Galaxy S3’s Panorama mode is good for this type of photo effect as it displays a blue frame around the area where the next photo in the series is to be taken. As long as you don’t move it to the blue frame area you have time to direct a person/props/etc to a location within the next shot of the sequence.

Fairy at St Erth Gardens

St Erth Gardens Fairy – Blackwood
Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3 – Panorama mode

I have since had a brief play with an iPhone 5 and the panorama mode on the iPhone takes the photo more like an extended movie scene, the panorama just grows rather than taking individual photos and stitching after the fact like the S3. This makes it unsuitable for taking staged images like the one above, however this method may reduce some of the issues the Galaxy S3 suffers from such as seams and white balance/light issues in certain lighting conditions. I’ll spend some more time with the iPhone 5’s camera and try and do a side by side comparison of various scenes in the future.


About andforensic

I am a self confessed 'Fandroid' having owned several Android powered phones & tablets over the last few years. I also enjoy dabbling in some amateur photography when time and life permits ;-) The recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has allowed me to combine both these passions! Although not a replacement for my DSLR's the phone's camera & panorama mode is fairly impressive for such a small form factor.
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