Lerderderg State Park, Victoria – August 2012

Been a bit slack in posting new content…… so here are some pics from August 🙂

Taking the new car for a bit of offroad driving through the Lerderderg State Park, just outside Melbourne provided some opportunities to take a few more shots using the Galaxy S3 🙂

The photo below is perhaps a little too busy for the phone to stitch well, or my hand isn’t steady enough!! Either way there are some noticeable seams, however I still like the overall effect of the image.

Huyndai Santa Fe Crossing Blackwood River

Blackwood River Crossing – Lerderderg State Park, Victoria
Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3 – Panorama mode

The next photo also has a few noticeable seams and is also affected by the varying light range across the frame of the final photo, causing the right hand edge to be significantly darker than the majority of the image. I still believe that this is due to the auto-white balance settings, however when the camera is placed into panorama mode the white balance settings are unable to be altered from ‘Auto’ 😦

Picnic Area - Obriens Crossing

OBriens Crossing, Picnic Area – Lerderderg State Park, Victoria
Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3 – Panorama mode

This last image in this set stitched much better than the previous two, however there were much more definitive lines and angles for the software to locate stitching points and improve the quality of the finished image.

Bridge over Obriens Crossing

OBriens Crossing – Lerderderg State Park, Victoria
Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3 – Panorama mode

All in all, was a fun day out, trying out the offroad capabilities of the new car 😉 and getting in some more testing with the Panorama mode of the phone.


About andforensic

I am a self confessed 'Fandroid' having owned several Android powered phones & tablets over the last few years. I also enjoy dabbling in some amateur photography when time and life permits ;-) The recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has allowed me to combine both these passions! Although not a replacement for my DSLR's the phone's camera & panorama mode is fairly impressive for such a small form factor.
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