Mt Macedon, Victoria – July 2012

I took a trip up to the Mt Macedon Ranges, despite being a cold wintery Melbourne day, the sun was out and I thought there may be some good photo opportunities there…….As Murphy’s law would have it the sun had all but gone by the time we got there and rain & fog had set in!

In these less than ideal conditions I have found a few weaknesses with the Panorama Mode of the Galaxy S3. The camera does cope quite well in both poor light (with a steady hand šŸ˜‰ ) and in well lit conditions. I found however that a mix of lighting conditions confuses the software to the point of being unable to stitch some Panorama scenes together.

The photo below of Major Mitchell Lookout did eventually work with the inbuilt Panorama mode of the S3, however a close look at it shows some differences of the light levels across the image. I suspect that this is mainly caused by changes to the White Balance caused by varying light levels within the scene. Given that setting a default or static white balance value is common practice when taking stitched Panoramic photos I would have hoped that the Samsung software also enabled this when Panorama Mode is selected, however it looks like each individual photo is being altered as it is being taken.

Mt Macedon Lookout

Major Thomas Mitchell Lookout – Mt Macedon, Victoria
Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3 – Panorama mode

This photo below, looking out from the Memorial Cross at Mt Macedon had much more even lighting across the scene, without so many overhead trees changing the lighting conditions the Panorama mode captured the scene much better, perhaps still a little dark or underexposed but evenly dark across the image.

Mt Macedon Looking Out

Looking Out from Memorial Cross – Mt Macedon, Victoria
Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3 – Panorama mode

This photo of the Memorial Cross itself simply would not be captured using the S3 camera in Panorama mode. I had to revert to taking the individual single shots and stitching them together using Hugin and some post processing in Photoshop to even the light levels across the scene, as the center was much lighter than the edges. I am happy with the final result, but took a bit more work šŸ™‚ .

Mt Macedon Memorial Cross

Memorial Cross – Mt Macedon, Victoria
Taken with Samsung Galaxy S3
Stitched with Hugin


About andforensic

I am a self confessed 'Fandroid' having owned several Android powered phones & tablets over the last few years. I also enjoy dabbling in some amateur photography when time and life permits ;-) The recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has allowed me to combine both these passions! Although not a replacement for my DSLR's the phone's camera & panorama mode is fairly impressive for such a small form factor.
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  1. Ian Beattie says:

    Really like the last shot.

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